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Woody Ranch Angus is located one mile south and one mile east of Barnard, Kansas. Our Angus program focuses on raising bulls and females for both the commercial and registered producer. We have a bull and female each year in March. Cattle are available for sale private treaty throughout the year.

In addition to our Angus cattle we also have a small herd of registered Charolais cattle. We believe you will find value in our cattle--affordable genetics that will meet the demands of today’s beef industry.

About Our Sale


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What We Offer

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We value the cattle business and enjoy making life-long friends who share our same passion. Please feel free to call, come visit, or come to our sale. Again, thank you for taking the time to view our site. We are thankful and appreciative of our friends, family, customers, and neighbors who assist us throughout the year and support our program.

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Barnard, Kansas

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